Additional Resources

This list offers a variety of already established language learning materials such as books, curricular posters, classes, and more.

Cherokee Language Classes and Stories: The United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians in Oklahoma offers language learning classes, the Keetoowah Cherokee font, and Keetoowah stories provided by elder members of the band.

Cherokee Syllabary Chart: This syllabary chart is provided by the Cherokee Nation Education Services Group and contains information on how to pronounce characters. 

Cherokee Syllabary Online/App with Sound Files: See, Say, Write Textbook in PDF format along with the audio files in MP3 format. Scroll down to See, Say, Write textbook to download.

Curricular Posters: The Cherokee Nation Language Program has created a variety of educational posters available for download.

The Cherokee Syllabary: Writing the People’s Perseverance: Historical background of the Cherokee syllabary by Dr. Ellen Cushman, director of DAILP. 

Language Learning Software and Children’s Books: A variety of materials such as books, syllabary charts, and software are available to assist in learning the Cherokee language provided by the Cherokee Nation Language Program.