Digital Archive of Indigenous Language Persistence

DAILP is a community-based digital archive created to support indigenous peoples’ knowledge, interpretations, and representations of the past.  DAILP presents reading and writing environments for practicing indigenous languages. DAILP is building a collaborative online space to facilitate communications between indigenous language learners, speakers, and scholars. Contributors can interpret documents and other media housed in partner libraries and museums. The writing environment will allow users to create content presented in digital collections. Our inaugural collection offers insights into Cherokee life and language during the years after allotment in Indian Territory. DAILP code and workflows on GitHub are free. We’re happy to help tribal communities stand up their own collectively held and curated archives for language persistence.

We’ve enhanced and deepened our collection of Cherokee language translations found on DAILP! Cherokees Writing the Keetoowah Way (CWKW) includes all the translations you’re familiar with — the Dollie Duncan letters, Echota Funeral Notices, Willie Jumper Stories, and government documents. We’ve expanded our translations with new letters, funeral notices, stories, and speeches. We’ve also added new teaching materials in Cherokees Writing the Keetoowah Way (CWKW).

Digital Edited Collections

    Cherokees Writing the Keetoowah Way

    A collection of eighty-seven Cherokee syllabary documents translated by Cherokee speakers and annotated by teams of students, linguists, and Cherokee community members. Audio files for each translation coming soon.