Sources of Cherokee Language Data

This is a cited list of the lexical language resources that we use to identify and correlate words in a document. The list includes dictionaries and grammars written as early as the 18th century and as recent as the 2000s. Each citation is written generally following the APA style, like so:
Document ID = Last name, First name; ... (Year published). Title of the document. Number of words referenced.

  • AC1995 = Cowen, Agnes (1995). Cherokee-English Language Reference Book. 6771 words.
  • AG1836 = Gallatin, Albert (1836). A synopsis of the Indian tribes within the United States east of the Rocky Mountains, and in the British and Russian possessions in North America. 293 words.
  • BB1797 = Barton, Benjamin (1797). New views of the origin of the tribes and nations of America. 20 words.
  • BB1819 = Butrick, Daniel S.; Brown, David (1819). TSVLVKI SQCLVCLV. A Cherokee spelling book.. 2361 words.
  • BH1784 = Hawkins, Benjamin (1784). Vocabulary of the Cherokee and Choctaw languages. 169 words.
  • CRG = Montgomery-Anderson, Brad (2016). Cherokee Reference Grammar. 570 words.
  • DB1884 = Butrick, Daniel (1884). Antiquities of the Cherokee Indians: Compiled from the Collection of Rev. Daniel Sabin Buttrick, Their Missionary from 1817 to 1847 as Published in the Indian Chieftain. 63 words.
  • DC1800 = Campbell, David (1800). Vocabulary of the Cherokee language. 270 words.
  • DF1975 = Feeling, Durbin; Pulte, William (1975). Cherokee–English Dictionary. 8197 words.
  • DF2003 = Feeling, Durbin (2003). A handbook of the Cherokee verb: a preliminary study.. 2250 words.
  • JA1775 = Adair, James (1775). The history of the Amerian Indians. 206 words.
  • JDB1771 = De Brahm, J.W.G (1771). Report of the general survey in the southern district of North America. 375 words.
  • JH1823 = Haywood, John (1823). The natural and aboriginal history of Tennessee : up to the first settlements therein by the white people, in the year 1768. 100 words.
  • JM1887 = Mooney, James (1887). Vocabularies. 75 words.
  • PF1975 = Pulte, William; Feeling, Durbin (1975). Outline of Cherokee grammar. 1080 words.
  • TAOC = Uchihara, Hiroto (2016). Tone and Accent in Oklahoma Cherokee.
  • TS1822 = Say, Thomas (1822). Account of an expedition from Pittsburgh to the Rocky Mountains, performed in the years 1819 and ‘20, by order of the Hon. J. C. Calhoun, Sec’y of War: under the command of Major Stephen H. Long. From the notes of Major Long, Mr. T. Say, and other gentlemen of the exploring party.. 91 words.
  • WP1796 = Preston, William (1796). Cherokee vocabulary in Department of Interior schedule. 18 words.